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Welcome to the PALOMERA Survey on Open Access Book Policies!

(Open for participation until 8 October 2023)



Thank you for your interest in our PALOMERA survey on open access book policies. Please read the following information carefully.


Purpose of study

Academic books continue to play an important role in scholarly production, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. Nevertheless, academic books have not been a focal point for open access policy-makers so far. PALOMERA is an EU-funded project that addresses this challenge.

More information:

This survey is a contribution to an extensive collection of data on the needs, obstacles and challenges of policy-making for open access books. Based on the evidence given by the survey results, PALOMERA will provide actionable recommendations for the development of open access book policies on the European, national and institutional level. By taking part in this survey, you are making a contribution to the research needed to speed up the transformation of the book market to open access.


Research team

This survey on open access book policies is carried out by Bielefeld University Library, Germany (Project manager: Jan-Philip Tummes). Cooperation partner for this survey is Göttingen University Library, Germany (Project managers: Hanna Varachkina and Malte Dreyer). The project is funded by the European Union (Grant Agreement number 101094270:


Study procedure  What exactly awaits you in this study?

This survey includes 35 questions within five content sections and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to fill out. You are asked to answer questions within the following survey sections:

  1. General questions
  2. Questions about the existence and the awareness of policies
  3. Questions about stakeholders who are involved in policy-making
  4. Questions about attitudes towards policy-design
  5. Questions about attitudes towards measures to promote open access books
  6. Questions about policy measures

This survey is anonymous, unless you voluntarily enter personal data. Due to the selected query categories/answer options, the data cannot be assigned to a specific person at any time. Further, the underlying survey software only utilises cookies which are strictly necessary for its functioning.

Until the end of this survey, you have the option to object to the storage of your survey data by cancelling the study. You can do this simply by closing the web browser window. Your data will then be deleted. After finally submitting the survey, targeted data deletion is no longer possible, as we store your data in anonymised form.


Benefits and risks

There is no remuneration/allowance for your participation in the scientific research project.

No negative consequences or special burdens are expected as a result of participation. The study does not involve any risks for you.



Participation in the study is voluntary. You can terminate your participation in this study at any time and without giving any reason, without any disadvantage to you.


Data use

The study results will be published in summarised form, for example in reports, scientific journals, presentations, and in recommendations for policy-makers. After the project, the collected research data will be made publicly accessible in its anonymised form via a suitable data archive. The data will only be published in a form that does not allow conclusions to be drawn about individual/concrete people at any time. The purpose, type and scope of the potential subsequent use are not completely foreseeable.


Contact details

If you have any questions about participation, voluntariness and data use, please contact the persons responsible for the project:

Jan-Philip Tummes,, +49 521 106 3798

Hanna Varachkina,, +49 551 39 26897

Malte Dreyer,, +49 551 39 26897


Grant Agreement number: 101094270



Consent to participation

I have taken note of the participation information of the PALOMERA survey.

I have been adequately informed and had the opportunity to ask questions before participating in the survey.

I am aware that my participation in the study is voluntary and that I will not suffer any disadvantages if I refuse to give my consent.

I have downloaded and thus received a copy of the information notice and this consent form.